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DCDR speeds up and simplifies your decision-making process with better intelligence and efficient processes(Don't need to hear anything else? Start a trial now.)

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A new approach to risk

DCDR is Revolutionizing Risk Management Risk-Based Decision-Making

Break away from the constraints of traditional risk management tools. With DCDR, you'll actually understand how your risks affect your business so you can make better decisions.
Here’s some of what sets us apart:

  • Transparent and User-Centric: Engage with a tool that's open about its reasoning. Have a question? Just ask. DCDR provides the reasoning behind its answers. No more opaque processes or mysterious methodologies.

  • Always Updated: Continuous data feeds ensure your decisions are always backed by the most current data.

  • Confidential: Data only flows into DCDR ensuring that you can share your confidential materials safely and securely.

  • Targeted Expertise: DCDR’s unique "left-brain / right-brain" architecture means you always get the right tool for the job. Whether it's analytical rigor or creative brainstorming, DCDR tasks the most appropriate tool for the job. Plus DCDR learns from you so it’s able to provide answers that address your specific questions and needs.

  • Always Available: Say goodbye to delays. Get risk-based decisions instantly and accurately, whenever you need them.

  • Conversational Interface: It's a tool but it chats - and learns - like a human. Our conversational interface that not just talks but listens, adapts, and evolves with your queries.

  • Running on the Edge: DCDR runs as close to the computing edge as possible, meaning the model is available even when a connection might not be. Your data, your tools, your systems.

Simple Pricing

We want to help your organization avoid surprises, so our prices shouldn't be one of them.
DCDR's simple pricing is designed to be affordable, transparent, and easily scalable.

Simple, affordable monthly fees


$295 $79
No additional fees

Perfect for the solo risk manager, consultant, or other 'teams of one'.
Get all the critical tools, support and guidance you need for a flat monthly fee.

  • All chat agents

  • All tools

  • All training modules

  • Basic governance

  • Email support


$495 / user
+ $995 team fee

Larger teams = greater needs. A DCDR Team plan includes the full governance module to meet your ERM needs plus collaboration tools and customization options.

  • All solo elements +

  • Full governance module

  • Collaboration tools

  • Email and chat support

  • Customization options

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