DCDR 2.0

DCDR 2.0 is live in beta

The beta users are on board and we’ll be adding new users soon.

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It’s late 2020 and you’re still collecting and managing your risk data in a spreadsheet.

They’re buggy, prone to user error, and you still need to transfer everything to a document or slides before you can get your decision-makers the information they need.

Meanwhile, everything else you do at work and at home can be done with a clean, fast, intuitive app.

Software is saving you hours and hours each day, automating and simplifying the most complex of tasks.

So why is your risk assessment still stuck in the 1980s?

With simple assessment templates, extensive automation and one-click report generation, DCDR speeds up and simplifies the risk management process allowing you to gather, analyze and report your risks in a fraction of the time.

DCDR lets you get the information your decision makers need quickly and clearly.

Stop worrying about your spreadsheets and start focusing on your risks. Get DCDR.