DCDR pilot program T&C

The following terms and conditions (T&C) apply to the DCDR* pilot program.  I’m not a lawyer so please also treat these as expressions of good faith required by both users and DCDR to ensure the success of the pilot program.

These terms apply for the period of the pilot program but will apply to future DCDR agreements wherever possible.  Conditions applicable to the protection of user data or DCDR proprietary information continue after the end of the pilot program.

DCDR will:

  • Provide the user with a standard access license (five users) for the DCDR application for the period of the pilot program at no charge.
  • Provide options to brand reports with the user’s logo discretely appended with ‘powered by DCDR’ or words to that effect and a link to the DCDR.io site.
  • Ensure rapid resolution of any bugs identified.
  • Provide dedicated support to pilot program users.
  • Limit the program’s size to maintain high levels of support.
  • Maintain a robust QAQC program to maintain the integrity of the assessment reports.  (See the QAQC program summary for more details.)
  • Gather regular feedback from users.
  • Consider all recommendations for changes / enhancements but is not obliged to implement user suggestions.
  • Protect user data.  (See the DCDR Security and Privacy page for more details.)
  • Maintain high levels of reliability and minimize downtime.
  • Provide at least 24 hours notice of upgrades, enhancements or changes to the software.  This does not apply to critical security updates which will be applied as quickly as possible.
  • Reserve the right to suspend app access if a major security breach or flaw is identified which threatens the integrity, security or privacy of user data.
  • Give a minimum of 14 days notice of the termination of the pilot program.
  • Provide a copy of user data in .csv format if requested.
  • Reserve the right to terminate the service.
  • Only retain information required by law at the end of a user’s participation in the pilot program unless the user maintains a relationship with DCDR.
Users will:
  • Provide regular feedback on the performance of DCDR.
  • Not share the methodologies, source code, trade secrets or any other information considered proprietary to DCDR with third parties unless expressly agreed in writing with DCDR.
  • Maintain control of login credentials and not share these outside of the user organization.
  • Acknowledge that use of early stage software caries inherent risks and that performance cannot be guaranteed.
  • Ensure that all users undergo appropriate on-boarding.
  • Acknowledge that DCDR will only store data as required by law when the user ends its relationship with DCDR.  This means that data entered into DCDR previously is likely to be unavailable if a user cancels and then restarts their use of DCDR at a future date.

*DCDR is an entity owned and controlled by Tarjuman LLC, a company registered in Washington DC.  References to the responsibilities of DCDR can be taken as responsibilities borne by Tarjuman LLC unless notified otherwise.