What is DCDR?

DCDR was the result of an unsuccessful 15-year search for simple and robust risk management software to make risk assessments faster, simpler and more effective.

Such a tool didn’t exist so I built DCDR.

DCDR is risk management software which simplifies the risk assessment process to allow you and your team to gather the data to assist decision-makers as quickly as possible.  The app has been designed to make the risk assessment process as fast and efficient as possible without sacrificing thoroughness.  Behind the simple, clean interface is a powerful risk assessment tool, a detailed report generator and rapid incident reporting.

DCDR gives you all the data you need at your fingertips

DCDR puts you in control of the risk assessment process and your data.  Plus it frees up valuable time and resources to allow you to focus on decision-making and the mitigation that comes after the assessment.

So stop worrying about your assessments

Start managing your risks

Key Features

Informed by over two decades of risk management experience, DCDR was developed with efficiency-motivated risk managers in mind.

No more overly complex, unwieldy software.

DCDR is focused on providing risk managers with just the features they need for maximum efficiency.

Frustration-free risk management for risk managers like you

And risk managers like John

Security and Privacy

Protecting your data is of the highest importance to us.  The key elements of DCDR’s information security framework are as follows.

  • Role-based user access
  • Audit logs
  • Multi-factor authentication for DCDR admin
  • Managed user signups
  • Secure communications
  • Data virus scanning
  • At rest encryption
  • As-needed access to data centers
  • Distributed server grid and geo mirroring

DCDR servers are located in the US hosted and managed at an ISO/IEC 27001 and SOC-2 compliant facility.

Read more about security and privacy here

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Still not sure?

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