Stay lean

‘Lean’ is a buzzword in software development describing an approach where you conduct lots of short, fast experiments and iterate depending on the outcome. ‘Lean’ also conjure up images of a racehorse or athlete. Fit, powerful and ready for peak performance. ‘Lean’ can also means stripped of anything superfluous and free of frills. Your risk … Continue reading Stay lean

Concierge onboarding

There are lots of reasons you might be looking for risk management software but there's one thing that everyone wants. More time. DCDR doesn't have a time-travel module but the app does help you get back time.  A lot of time, in fact.  Time that you'd otherwise spend entering data, formatting reports and creating graphs … Continue reading Concierge onboarding

Your biggest risks are in the corners

The big ticket items - the ones that are at the top of everyone’s list, the first thing the CEO wants to talk about - aren’t usually the biggest risk you’re facing. These might be the biggest threats. These might reflect everyone’s biggest fear. But, your biggest risks are hiding in the corners.