DCDR: the only piece of security risk management software you need

built by security folks for security folks

DCDR was the tool we wanted to solve our challenges managing a security risk management portfolio. Risk assessments, reports, audits, incident reports were a series of spreadsheets that were getting corrupted, overwritten or lost. And everything had to be rewritten in Word or Powerpoint when it was time to present our results.  And using a phone? Forget about it.

We wanted security risk management software but this was 2002 so options were limited.

Unfortunately, it’s 2020 and options are still limited

Except your challenges aren’t.

Additional reporting requirements, new regulations, increasingly complex threat vectors, disparate, remote organizations with complicated supply chains. Fewer staff. Reduced budgets.

You need a fast, lightweight tool to help address these challenges in the face of shrinking budgets, staff and timelines. You need better security risk management software.

DCDR is security risk management software for today’s challenges

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DCDR Features


DCDR is fast and easy to use allowing you to build, edit and share risk assessments in a fraction of the time of other tools.  Plus everyone works in the same database so changes and updates are shared instantly.

Simple to understand

DCDR uses simple descriptions and color codes to differentiate between different levels of risk.  This makes it easy to home in on the key challenges you need to address and the live dashboard makes sharing this with other teams a breeze.

Rich reports

But don’t let the simplicity fool you. Behind the dashboard are comprehensive, rich reports with the level of detail you need to work within a broader ERM system.

Customization and libraries

Customize DCDR to match your organization’s risk management methodology or select a pre-built methodology from the assessment library.  Add your logo and make other adjustments so DCDR is fully integrated with your organization.

Go offline

Use DCDR as a native app on your mobile device to work on an assessment or report offline.  Once you are back online, the app updates everything automatically. (Coming soon)

Easy to use

DCDR uses simple, clear forms and workflows to lets both subject matter experts and non-experts collaborate in the assessment


Security is your #1 concern – ours too. DCDR is housed in a controlled facility and all database are fire-walled and encrypted.  We never share your information and if you cancel your account, we delete your data.  Read more here.

User permissions and controls

DCDR offers you multiple user profiles to protect you data.  Allow some users to submit information only while others can read, write and edit report.  Limit access to avoid accidental – or deliberate – data loss.


Get all of this for less than a newspaper subscription. DCDR is designed to give you a full set of security risk management tools without breaking your budget.  Subscriptions begin at $49 per user month and go down from there†.

Try DCDR free for 21 days and see how it can help your security risk management program

Try DCDR now

Security case study

Here’s an example of DCDR being used by a small security team with a big remit.  The details are fictitious but the company, challenges and pricing are based on real use-cases.

Sam runs a small security management team for a large, multinational firm. She is responsible for managing all security risks for the firm which operates 15 facilities around the globe and has a staff of three regional managers to assist.

As with most Security Managers, Sam is under constant pressure to cut costs which is limiting her team’s ability to travel to each site. The budget for consultants is also reduced.

Sam uses DCDR to make up for this shortfall in time and money.

Using DCDR, Sam has the 15 facility managers complete a risk assessment for their facility making maximum use of their knowledge of that operation and the local environment. Sam and her team then review these results and provide subject matter expert input to complement the facility manager’s assessment. DCDR lets them blend local and technical knowledge into each assessment.

This allows Sam and her team to maintain up to date assessments for each facility without having to travel to each site multiple times per year or try to talk something through a spreadsheet remotely.

During their annual visits to the facilities, the risk managers are now able to allocate more time to discussing mitigation measures and contingency planning, instead of having to spend their time updating the risk assessment.

These reductions in travel and time on site could cut Sam’s costs between 40 – 75% including the cost of the DCDR subscriptions.

Plus they have access to incident reporting and alerts, mitigation action tracking and a simple to understand dashboard they can easily share their data with other parts of the company.

Sam gets all of this for less than $1 per user per day

Try DCDR free for 21 days and see how it can help your security risk management program

Try DCDR now

† We use a sliding pricing scale so the more subscribers you add, the less each subscription costs.