DCDR tools

The DCDR project is an attempt to simplify and speed up the risk assessment process but  assessments are only part of a larger risk management system.  The tools below have been designed to complement the full DCDR app by helping you assess the maturity of key business systems to help identify any specific vulnerabilities.

Watch a quick how-to video of the apps in action here.

checkERM maturity assessment

Assess the maturity of your enterprise risk management (ERM) system quickly and easily using the principles in ISO 31000.

locked‘Essential Eight’ cyber assessment

Check that your key cyber vulnerabilities are covered using the ASD ‘Essential Eight’ criteria.

parachuteCrisis readiness assessment

Determine how ready your organization is for a crisis using the principles outlined in BS 11200.

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These apps are powered by DCDR, the decision-support application.   Learn more here.